Special Reserve Coffees


Every Christmas season, we work harder (let’s face it , it’s a mission of love) to source the world’s best coffees for you.

For Christmas 2020, we’ve confirmed Kona Extra Fancy from Lions Gate Estate,  and Jamaica Blue Mountain from Clydesdale Estate.

We have limited amounts of each. If you want to reserve some, call 403-380-4555 for the details.


Warning: this coffee may change your world view.


from Lions Gate Estate

 Kona Extra Fancy from Lions Gate Estate is the best of Hawaiian coffees, from one of the few ecologically perfect coffee-growing areas in the world.

The logo for Cupper's Kona Extra Fancy coffee.


The coffee is hand-picked and sun-dried right on the slopes of Mauno Loa volcano, on a 10-acre farm of heirloom coffee trees – all the coffee trees are 60-100 years old.

​The older the coffee trees, more body and depth there is to the coffee.

Kona coffee cherries, ripening...


In the cup, Kona Extra Fancy is full, rich, and delicious with the trademark macadamia nut flavour notes.

In the aroma you’ll pick up cherries and honey, and you’ll find the body smooth and full.

Kona Extra Fancy had that subtle hint of crisp acidity that brightens and contributes to the overall balance of the cup.

Available only in 1/2 pound and 1 pound sizes.





​The Coffee of Kings

Grown in high-altitude volcanic loam, our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is graded as the top 1% of one of the most prized coffees in the world. 

The coffee thrives on one of the oldest coffee-growing estates (Clydesdale Estates) in Jamaica, shade-grown and intercropped with banana and mango trees. 

The logo for Cupper's Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.


The ripened cherries are hand-picked, fully washed, and sun-dried in the cool mountain air to preserve flavour quality.

​All of these factors combine to deliver exceptional sweetness and aroma.


Clydesdale Estates, Jamaica.


There are layers of flavours, soooo many layers.

Sip it slowly and roll it around in your mouth, and let the flavours reveal themselves, one after another.

These are only some of the reasons coffee connoisseurs call this the “champagne of coffee.”

Available only in 3/4 pound size.


We have only limited amounts of each of these amazing coffees.

If you want to reserve some, call 403-380-4555 for the details.