Warm Through and Share: Mulled Cider Syrup and Mulled Wine Syrup at Cupper’s Coffee

Makers & Merchants, imported from England.

Steeped in cinnamon, nutmeg and elderberry juice, this rich non-alcoholic syrup creates a beautiful batch of mulled wine. 1 part syrup, 8 parts wine, gently heat and enjoy! 

Or, use it as a base for punch, or even add a splash to champagne. For kids, add a bit to sparkling water 🙂

​Mulled Cider Syrup is also non-alcoholic and wonderfully aromatic. The syrup is infused with clove, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and a squeeze of citrus and pomegranate. 

Mix one part syrup with 6 parts cider or apple juice, gently warm through and enjoy! Or you can add a bit to pies or stewed fruits, or use it like you would any syrup: add to hot chocolate, drizzle on pancakes, or serve with ice cream.