Barista Drink Kits

Barista Drink Kits Baskets are the perfect solution to an age-old problem of getting a perfect specialty drink at home. We provide you with all the ingredients we use in our own amazing beverages… the exact same as we make at Cupper’s! Even better, we’ll also give you an instruction sheet that gives you step-by-step instructions for your perfect London Fog! Or Purple Haze! Or Caramel Macchiato! Whatever your go-to drink is… we’ll set you up to make it perfectly anytime you want one.

Barista Drink Kits can also be shipped across Canada as a surprise present, using one of our gift boxes! We wrap these a bit differently to make it fun for whomever opens it. Each layer is carefully wrapped in coloured tissue so it’s like an unboxing, with surprises at every level. *These gift boxes may not be available for shipping during the coldest months due to product freezing. FREE SHIPPING across Canada for gift baskets $150 and over.

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