Airscape Metal Canister, 4″ Turquoise


Airscape Canister 4″ 32oz – Turquoise

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This Airscape Metal Canister in Turquoise is 4 inches high and looks good nearly anywhere with its acrylic outer lid. However, the true magic is with the adjustable second lid inside the container. The second lid seals at the height of what you have stored it it. The lid has a venting handle that allows the air out as you press the lid down inside the canister. That lid then folds over to make the canister 100% airtight. Airscape canisters are fantastic for keeping all kinds of products fresh. Think coffee, tea, herbs, dried fruit, and spices, pretty much anything your imagination can come up with. Airscape containers are the only thing we use when we don’t want to keep our coffee beans in our Cupper’s bags! The Airscape Metal Canister in Turquoise, 4 inches, holds approximately 1/2 lb of coffee.

Weight 0.385 kg
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 13 cm


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