Bart Lemongrass Paste


Bart Lemongrass Paste

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Bart Lemongrass Paste is perfect touch-up for any Thai dish. It’s also a great substitute if you don’t have fresh lemongrass but want that freshness and sparkle. Spread it, spoon it or mix with a bit of extra oil to really bring out the fresh, lemon flavour. It’s also works well when cooked with any fish dish. One teaspoon measures the same as a teaspoon of fresh lemongrass, but without the time and effort. This 90 gm jar is a new favourite for us!

If you like your Bart Lemongrass Paste, try the Bart Garlic Paste or the Bart Ginger Paste for more flavour sensations. They all give a boost anytime to any dish, without any worries!

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Dimensions5 × 5 × 11 cm


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