Bisou Genmaicha Loose Tea


Bisou Genmaicha Loose Tea

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Bisou Genmaicha Loose Tea is an excellent version of this style of green tea. Genmaicha is a Japanese style of tea, consisting of green tea mixed with roasted popped brown rice. This combination creates a light, golden beverage with a toasty rice flavour that tends to the sweet. It has naturally high antioxidant levels with low levels of caffeine. Like all of Bisou’s teas, it’s 100% organic. This tea is primarily sourced from the Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, at an elevation of 800 metres. Ingredients include green tea, and roasted and popped rice. It’s best steeped at a lower temperature, 80C (176F) for 3 minutes. Each beautiful tin holds 100 grams of loose Bisou Genmaicha Loose Tea. This is definitely a tea that’s good to enjoy with a long visit with good friends.

If you like the Bisou Genmaicha and want to branch out a bit, we have a variety of matcha tea options at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea. Try something new and find another beloved tea!

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