Bisou Peaches & Cream Black Tea


Bisou Peaches & Cream Loose Tea

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Bisou Peaches & Cream Black Tea brings delicate and sweet natural peach flavours. It’s well balanced by full-bodied light cream notes. With a black tea base, it has high antioxidant properties, with a medium caffeine boost. Like all of Bisou’s teas, it’s 100% organic. The black tea is from Dimbula, Sri Lanka, at an elevation of 800 metres. Full ingredients include black tea, papaya pieces, blackberry leaves, and pieces of peach. Floral ingredients include the petals of calendula, sunflower and jasmine flowers. It’s best steeped at  90C (203F) for 3-5 minutes. Each beautiful tin holds 100 grams of Bisou Peaches & Cream Black loose tea. This is a perfect way to enjoy peaches and cream, without the calories!

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