Chinook High School Choral Dark Coffee


Chinook High School Choral Dark Coffee

The Chinook High School Choral Dark Coffee is fresh roasted on site at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea in Lethbridge every day. We created this dark roast blend only for Chinook High School. Rich and deep, the Choral Program Coffee in the morning gets you singing well before your shower! There’s a lot of depth to this blend, perfect for a chilly morning or a big-task day. When you sip the coffee, find notes of dark chocolate, a suggestion of molasses, and a hit of sweet, dark toffee in the finish. 
This coffee specifically supports their Choral Programs. $5 of every bag purchased goes back to the school. You get great, fresh-roasted, local coffee, and your local school gets a boost from you! Enjoy your Chinook High School Choral Dark Coffee... one fundraiser at a time.
Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 28 cm

Whole Bean, Drip, Press/Perc, Bialetti, Espresso, Keurig, Turkish, AeroPress


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