Chocolove XO Elderberry & Blueberry in Dark Chocolate


Chocolove XO Elder & Blueberries in Dark Choc 60%

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Chocolove Elderberry & Blueberry XO bars in dark chocolate are all-natural and sweetened with frutalose, derived from chicory. Frutalose contains inulin in high concentrations, which is naturally extracted and used as a sweetener. Inulin produces no glycemic spikes and unlike stevia, has no aftertaste. Inulin does not raise blood sugar and is relatively low in calories—providing 1.5 calories per gram. Inulin can be a good source of dietary fiber and is a natural prebiotic as it is a type of soluble fiber found in many plants.

Please note: Due to no fillers or wax in any of Chocolove’s products, we DO NOT recommend buying these to be mailed if the temperature is expected to be over 18C. It’s good enough to lick off the wrapper if you need to, but why chance it?

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Dimensions 14.9 × 7.5 × 1.4 cm


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