Coffee Wedding Favours


You’d like coffee wedding favours for your special day? That’s perfect, and something we’re perfectly able to do with our Cupper’s Coffee. Set the date, book the venue and get everything lined up. Then we’re help you create coffee based wedding favours for your guests that they’ll love as much as you do. We can create a wide variety of attractive, bright and fun wedding favours. We’ll include your colours and theme of your wedding and at a reasonable price. These are treats and gifts your guests will be happy to receive to remind them of your special day.
The coffee wedding favours are perfect to set at each person’s seat at their table or to hand out by you. You can also leave them in a basket for your family and friends to pick up on their way out. Design your own label for them – we can help with that, too. Best of all, you know you’re going to get something that’s perfect for everyone, and we’ll take care of all the work. Come in to Cupper’s or call us, we can arrange samples to make sure they’re exactly what you want.
Please call us at 403-380-4555 and ask to speak to one of our basket folks about coffee wedding favours. We confirm products and colours you’d like, scheduling, and pricing with you. And thank you for letting us help with your special day!


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