Fireworks Orchard Blossom Popcorn


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Fireworks Orchard Blossom Popcorn is a natural, non-GMO popcorn, which has tender hulls that shatter when popped.  This variety has large pink kernels that pop large and fluffy. The mild taste is perfect for all popcorn lovers. Each kernel pops to medium-size, perfect for snacking any time night or day. The kernels also have very tender hulls that shatter when popped. Every 5 cup serving of Fireworks popcorn has 7 grams of fibre. It’s just great popcorn, easy on dental work and good for your digestive system… and it tastes awesome, too. These are going to elevate your movie night to a whole new level!

Weight.455 kg
Dimensions6.3 × 6.3 × 16.5 cm


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