Fluff & Stuff Tiger Tail Cotton Candy


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Who doesn’t want Tiger Tail Cotton Candy? This sweet, fun new treat is from Fluff & Stuff, made locally in Raymond! Each 32 oz. tub is full of memories from your childhood… except now there’s a bunch of new flavours. Although we only carry a few of the flavour blends they make, between all the different blends there is actually 16 different flavours in these – so far. Who knew you could actually flavour sugar such that you can taste it? There might not be circuses and fair midways like there used to be, but you can get a taste of the fairground midway in every tub of Fluff & Stuff.

The Tiger Tail Cotton Candy Fluff & Stuff includes your favourite flavours from the ice cream shop, black licorice and orange.

Keep checking back too, who knows what amazing flavours we’ll have? Think seasonal, think fun!

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm


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