Greek Bread Dip Seasoning


Orange Crate Greek Bread Dip Seasoning

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Orange Crate Greek Bread Dip Seasoning is a super-easy way to make a quick appetizer. Simply mix the Greek Bread Dip Seasoning into your choice of oil and balsamic vinegar. We always recommend a high quality olive oil! Then serve with warm crusty bread or buns, and invite friends over for a good visit. It’s the perfect side to any slow, lingering meal, and a glass of vino or sparkling water never hurts either. Depending on what you’re having for your main meal, you can also tweak your flavour choices with our other bread dip seasonings too. Try the Roasted Garlic, Sundried Tomato or Italian bread dip seasonings to mix it up a bit. Or maybe even offer all four at once… make a bread charcutierie board!

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