Party Favours


Ahhh… party favours and treat bags. One of the best parts of going to a party as a child was the treat bag to bring home after the party. The goodie bag has turned into a big challenge for today’s busy parents – and is crucial (in your child’s eyes!) to the success of the party. No kid wants to give out goodie bags or party favours that don’t have anything, well… good in them!

That’s where we’re here to help. First, we customize goodie bags for you for as small or as large a group as you’d like. There’s no minimum order, from one or MANY coming is not an issue for us. Secondly, we have a broad selection of treats to pack them with, including options not on our website. And as parents with lots of toys already, these are mostly consumables. There’s no little cheap plastic toys in our treat bags! And finally, if you have something you’d like specific to the theme or colour of the event, we add that for you.

As big or as little party favours as you want, we always make you look like the hero at your child’s event. Prices start as indicated, but we can customize them to fit any size, style or budget. Call us or come in to Cupper’s Coffee & Tea to get started!


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