Vinyl Sticker – Gravel Bar


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The Gravel Bar vinyl sticker from Stickers Northwest is a perfect example of a great product. All of their stickers are super-durable. They stand up to all kinds of wear and weather and are very easy to apply. They don’t warp or buckle from sun, rain or dishwasher and are remarkably fade resistant. We’ve even had reports from customers that they peel off well and leave a minimum of residue. Your Gravel Bar sticker is perfect when you’ve had them on your vehicle for a while. With the wide variety to choose from, they are just as sassy, silly, elegant or relaxed as you want to be! Put them on your water bottle, your kayak, your bike, your laptop, or your car. You can put them wherever you want to personalize your life.

And if you want great coffee, but don’t want to pack along a bunch of gear, here’s the perfect option for you! Get your Gravel Bar Brew Bags in singles or in a pack of 10! We’ve made these from the same great coffee that you know and love, fresh roasted at Cupper’s. First we grind the coffee, then it’s packed in single serve tea-style bags. To finish, inert nitrogen gas fills individual sachets that hold each bag. The gas keeps them fresh for up to a year. All you need is your favourite mug and hot water. Oh, and maybe your favourite fishing hole…

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × .1 cm


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