Lethbridge & Dist. Music & Speech Arts Festival

The Lethbridge & District Music & Speech Arts Festival (LDMSAF) is a huge annual event held in Lethbridge early in spring every year. The event is a full two week, fully adjudicated, music and speech arts program. With all the performers, they use up to 7 venues in Lethbridge. It’s actually difficult to list all the different kinds of performances… there’s just such a broad variety! They also have a huge range of ages of performers, from very young and new, to very experienced. And at the end of each week, they hold showcase concerts. These feature the very top performers of varying ages and categories and are open for the general public to attend.

From every bag of Lethbridge & Dist. Music & Speech Arts Festival coffee purchased, $5 goes back to the Festival. The funds help to keep renting the spaces, pay their adjudicators, and support the office requirements for the festival. The festival is often the start of performance history for many of Lethbridge’s finest. Come out and watch during the festival!

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