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What Are The Best Coffee Beans in Canada?

You want only the best, right? Cupper’s Coffee & Tea has been importing, roasting, and selling fair trade coffees for over 30 years. We’ve developed a customer base that demands the best coffee beans in Canada. At Cupper’s, we roast all our coffee beans in small batches. This ensures fantastic quality, freshness and taste. If you’re looking for incredible roasted coffee to give you the best cup of coffee you’ll ever taste, you’ve found it.
Better yet, we support independent coffee bean farmers from all over the globe. Every coffee you drink supports independent coffee bean farmers. These in turn support their families and local communities. That’s one of the big reasons Cupper’s coffee beans are the best coffee beans around. We’re community-minded, and the best coffee should support more than just the store you buy them from! Read on to take a closer look at Cupper’s coffee.

Coffee Beans

We’re master coffee roasters and we’ve taken every possible detail into consideration when purchasing and roasting our green coffee beans.

Coffee Roasters Canada

Buy the Freshest Roast of Coffee Beans

Roasted Fresh In Canada

All of our coffee is roasted daily and shipped within 4 - 5 days of the roast. Our secret weapons in our coffee roasting is our master coffee roaster and our custom built coffee roaster. Our coffee bean roaster was created by a thermal dynamics expert. We're a little geeky like that. 🙂

You decide!

Order whole bean, or let us grind your coffee beans for your brewer. We can grind coffees for pour overs, espresso machines, cold brewers, French presses, Aeropress, Jura espresso makers, Breville machines, Bialetti stovetop coffee brewers, drip coffee, Keurig pods, and more.

Free Shipping

Any order of 10 lbs of coffee or more and we'll ship your order for free. Yes, you can order ten 1 lb bags of coffee and pick up to 10 different coffees in one shipment. Or, order two 5 lbs bags, and you still qualify for free shipping.

Buy Coffee Canada

Buying coffee beans in Canada doesn’t mean that we are growing coffee beans in our own backyard! (Wouldn’t that be nice?) But it does mean that master coffee roasters like Cupper’s are importing the highest quality and fair trade coffee beans from all over the globe. There are so many advantages to ordering your coffee beans from small, independent coffee roasters vs. ordering from large, big-box, commercial companies. Check out how we create a higher quality roasted coffee bean than what you may be used to in this article, Our Ultimate Guide To Ordering Premium, Fresh Coffee Beans Online.

Get Your Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans today!

Love, love, loveeeee Cuppers!. Its my new favourite coffee shop to pick up hot or cold drinks and to pick up ground coffee.

Gourmet Coffees That Meet your budget Needs

At first glance, it might seem like ‘cheap’ coffee  checks all the economic boxes. However, when you dig a bit deeper, you see that our well priced, fresh roasted coffee enhances every aspect of your day – your morning routine, office life, and social life. Don’t sacrifice the pleasure of your daily experiences with poor quality coffee beans!

Our Coffee Bean Roasts

At Cupper’s you can find a wide variety of coffee bean roasts for any coffee style you prefer. We offer everything from light, medium, and dark roasts, to decaffeinated coffees. We also seasonally have specialty coffees. When you purchase Cupper’s coffee beans, ground or whole, we guarantee that your beans are ethically sourced, and either certified organic or grown using green growing practices.

Don't Compromise on Freshness & Flavour

We do more than just sell and roast coffee at Cupper’s. We offer coffee beans wholesale, as well as partner with non-profits and charities to support their fundraising coffee plans.

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