Office Coffee Solutions

Office Coffee doesn't HAVE to be lousy.

Or complicated.

Or expensive.

Or industrial.

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#workperks - Best office coffee ever!

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Your Problem: Lousy coffee at work or the office.

Your office coffee beans just aren’t doing it for you.
They’re old.
They’re stale.
Or they’re just plain tasteless.
Even worse, those office coffee pods are upsetting your stomach.
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Cupper’s Office Coffee Solution: Freshly roasted coffee, simple ideas for brewing, amazing customer service.

  • Freshly roasted, gourmet coffee from the best coffee beans available and the best coffee roaster around
  • Choices! Fair-trade coffee, organic coffee, sustainable coffee, low-acid coffee
  • Simple solutions for office brewing machines and equipment, and the advice you didn’t know you needed
  • Office coffee supplies and pantry items that will really step up your office coffee game
  • Office coffee Calgary? Office coffee Edmonton? No problem! Our ordering process & delivery times are easy and fast, wherever you are
  • Personal, happy-to-hear-from-you, amazing customer service

(Did we mention freshly roasted coffee??)

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Stop Compromising on Freshness & Flavour

You shouldn’t have to use coffee pods, which are a bad trade-off. What you gain in convenience you lose hugely in flavour, freshness and sustainability.

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Gourmet Coffee Makes Everything Better

As a matter of fact, did you know gourmet coffee in the workplace has been proven to dramatically increase both morale and productivity?

(Did we mention freshly roasted coffee??)

Coffee Brewing Solutions:

Everything you need to know….

Wholesale coffee brewers for office environments can be inexpensive, are easy to use and simple to maintain.

We can help you choose a machine and will provide training and troubleshooting as needed.

Want your coffee beans as whole bean? No problem!

Want your coffee beans ground? We can do that.

Cuppers Workperks coffee airpot

Get started now… get your #workperks today!

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