BAD Coffee™ Nitro

Bad Coffee fridge and roaster

Bad Coffee™ Nitro Cold Brew is foamy, creamy, naturally sweet, unusually strong, and unapologetically dark. How dark? Bad Coffee Nitro is so dark and strong you’ll think someone has blindfolded you and stuffed you in the trunk of a car.

Our BAD Nitro has been through the wringer and back. We’ve worked our butts off trying to get it EXACTLY right, while keeping it REALLY BAD. There was screaming and crying. At one point, we’re pretty certain a trebuchet was used to make a point. (You might have to look up what a trebuchet is… and don’t ask how we used it!) We hit highs and lows we never dreamt of… and that was just in our Greek choir competition. It’s been a long, highly caffeinated process, to say the least.

But at last, we’ve hit the final, amazing, and kick-ass product we knew it should be. And now it’s REALLY making waves and catching on like wildfire. While you’re here, check out all our other BAD products, too!

(Keep scrolling down to catch Stef & Dorothy making crazy drinks with our BAD Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee!)

BAD Nitro for all occasions!

Why is Bad Coffee so damn good?  We’ve got 100’s of ways to make your coffee, all in one can!

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