Puzzles & Games

We’re finding all kinds of models, games and puzzles for yourself, or to give as gifts. These aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill jigsaw puzzles either. We’re going for high quality, long lasting and fun items that will keep you entertained. Nearly all of these require building, but once done, you’ll appreciate that many are also functional!

Check out UGears, all of which are made with wood. You assemble the working models yourself. These can take a few to many hours depending on the size and intricacy of the puzzle. No cutting or gluing is needed, though some models have a small piece of wax used to make sure the mechanism moves smoothly.

Similar but different is EscapeWelt puzzles. These are already assembled… you need to figure out how to get into their secret chamber. Each takes 1-2 hours. Or there are two flat puzzles with no images but very similar pieces that need to be re-assembled. Depending on your puzzling ability, these can fill 1-2 hours and are fun to do with a friend!

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