How Our Coffee Fundraiser Program Works

Make More Money With Less Effort!

We've turned Fundraising With Coffee into a simple, easy, enjoyable and profitable fundraiser.

Cupper's Online Fundraiser

Are you struggling to find a simple and effective way to fundraise for your cause? 

Especially during the COVID-19 era, finding a way to raise money while minimizing risk and exposure can be difficult. 

Whether you’re a school, sports team, church, or non-profit, the classic, standard bake sale is just not going to cut it this year.

 It’s time to get creative with your fundraising ideas, and Cupper’s Coffee & Tea is here to help.

Earn Money For Your Cause

Here’s the gist.

 The Cupper’s Fundraising team will help you select one of our meticulously crafted Fundraising Blends, complete with your cause’s unique bag and label (check out some fine examples below). 

Generally, the suggested resale per bag of coffee is $20, with a cost of $15 per bag, meaning a 25% return is guaranteed per bag of coffee that you sell. 

All collected funds remain in your control, and a detailed invoice will be included with your order upon receiving so you can stay organized while managing your profits.

3 Simple Steps: Getting Started With Our Coffee Fundraiser

Step 1: We'll Create Your Own Special Fundraising Coffee Blend

Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraising team will help you choose a Signature Blend, unique to your cause.


  • Light
    • Least amount of time in the roaster
    • More fruity, herbal flavours
    • Higher caffeine level (like cooking with alcohol, the caffeine is cooked off the darker  you roast)
    • “tea-like” qualities, light body
  • Medium
    • Cupper’s favourite
    • In the “sweet spot”
    • Longer you roast, natural sugars begin to be released
    • More balanced profile
    • Richer, smoother body
  •  Dark
    • Traditional “tastes like coffee” flavour
    • Sugars begin to caramelize at this stage 

Flavour Notes:

  • No added flavours in your Signature Blend, no chemicals – only delicious flavours that naturally occur like:
    •  Savoury, spice
    • Roast, grain & cereal
    • Nut
    • Sugary & Sweet
    • Chocolate
    • Fruit: dried fruit, berry, stone fruit, tropical fruit, grape/wine, melon, apple/pear, citrus
    • Floral
    • Vegetal, earthy, herb

Step 2: We Design Your Bag And Label

If you don’t have a unique design for your logo or cover image our team can help you out with that. No need to stress. We’ve been known to come up with some seriously awesome taglines as well.

  • All bags are resealable and vented.
    • Helps maintain the coffee’s freshness.
  • Sleek matte black bags
  • 4 by 6 inch labelling.
  • Cupper’s fundraising team can assist you in developing your own custom label, or you can create your own.

Step 3: You Submit Your Order Form

Once we determine the start date of your fundraiser and we prepare your custom labels for your coffee bags you can begin to collect your coffee orders from your supporters. Submitting your bulk coffee order is easy! 

  • Cupper’s will set you up with an online fundraising order portal.
  • You can place your bulk coffee order online through our portal.
  • We also take paper order forms. You can scan and email/fax your orders if you prefer not to enter the orders online.
  • You can collect orders from your supporters through your own online portal or your supporters can order, your unique blend, directly on Cupper’s website for as long as you wish.
  • Check out all our fundraising highlights.


Your Unique Fundraising Perks...

Coffee fundraiser

 Fair Trade, Freshly Roasted, Premium Coffee Beans.

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We’ll Personalize Your Coffee Bags At No Charge.

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Stand Out! Add Your Mission, Vision and Tagline on The Front of Your Bag

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Cupper's Online Fundraiser FAQs

You can set the date on how long you would like your fundraising event to last. We just need to know when your fundraising event starts and when you would like it to end. Once we have your first order date we can begin to prepare labels, design the bags and roast your unique coffee blend so everything will be ready to go when your launch date comes around.

We see a lot of success when campaign organizers have a regular order date.

Coffee is best when it’s consumed fresh and your supporters appreciate being able to order on a monthly or every other month basis.

When people really enjoy YOUR coffee why limit their order to just once a year?

In the end, your event makes more money more often. You can have your supporters order off your own online portal, or they can order your blend from Cupper’s online fundraising portal any time they wish. Either way, you still collect the profits.

Yes, there is free shipping if your order is 100 bags of coffee or more. We ask that shipped orders be a minimum of 30 bags.

Absolutely not! Instead of raising a bunch of money at once you can raise smaller amounts ongoing which may exceed the amount that you may have brought in with a bigger blitz event. With smaller and more frequent orders it means less leg work and less organizing for fundraising organizers.

That depends. We have groups that order every other week and we have other groups who order monthly.

Cupper’s has a few options for your when it comes to ordering.

We have an online  ordering system. We create your online account on our portal and your fundraising leader can place orders online through our portal. 

We also have paper order forms as well and those can be scanned and emailed/faxed or dropped off.

With COVID-19 many groups prefer making their orders online on the Cupper’s Fundraising Portal.

Our online ordering is easy and convenient. You can make your order and pay on the spot.

We take orders based on “per bag” and “grind type”.

It’s really not necessary to stop into the store to make your order or to pay for your order. You can pay by credit card or debit card.

We can ship to your location, deliver if you are within our boundaries or you can pick up your order.

Once you have given us your coffee order and decided upon how you would like to receive it we will then send the bulk order to the fundraising organizer.

It’s up to the fundraiser organizer to decide how they would prefer to distribute the coffees to your supporters.

Cupper’s will invoice you $15 per bag and most of our fundraising groups will sell each bag for $20 in order to have a 25% return.

We offer a 5-business-day turnaround! That is 5 days from when we receive your order to it being ready for pick-up or in the mail to your destination. 

Cupper’s develops a proprietary coffee blend just for your fundraising group. 

You decide what kind of flavours notes and roast your would like and our master coffee roaster does the rest

Cupper’s can provide any marketing materials needed to your group. 

If your event is close enough we can offer catering, and we’ll donate a 100 cup percolator for your event for samples. 

We can also make up posters for your fundraising event with your pricing, flavour notes, logo and label.

Cupper’s will invoice you $15 per bag and most of our fundraising groups will sell each bag for $20 in order to have a 25% return.

Our Coffee Fundraiser is “what you see is what you get”. No hidden costs and no start-up fees. 

Packaging and custom labels are all included.

Yes, we will work with you to create a social media campaign to help spread the word. Through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we’ll help promote your product and get the message out. The more we sell, the more your make!

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