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Make More Money With Less Effort!

We've turned fundraising with coffee into a simple, easy, enjoyable and profitable fundraiser.
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Cupper's Online Fundraiser

Are you struggling to find a simple and effective way to fundraise for your cause? Whether you’re a school, sports team, church, or non-profit, the classic, standard bake sale just doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s time to get creative with your fundraising ideas. Cupper’s Coffee & Tea is here to help.

Earn Money For Your Group

People like coffee. It’s a daily used, consumable product, one that is used accordingly by a huge part of the Canadian population. This also makes it an easy repeat purchase for your supporters. Why have them only purchase once, when they can make repeated purchases? The fundraising potential over time is amazing!

The suggested resale price per bag of coffee is $20, with a cost of $15 per bag, meaning a 25% return is guaranteed per bag of coffee that you sell. All collected funds remain in your control, and a detailed invoice will be included with your order upon receiving so you can stay organized while managing your profits.

3 Simple Steps: Getting Started With Our Coffee Fundraiser

Step 1: We'll Create Your Own Special Fundraising Coffee Blend

Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraising team will help you choose a Signature Blend, unique to your cause.

  • Light Roast – A light roast coffee has brighter, more fruity and herbal flavours. It’s slightly higher in acid and the brewed colour will  be lighter. Tends to be a bit more tart than darker roasts.
  • Medium Roast – This is the Cupper’s fans’ favourite. These have the most balanced profile with rich, smooth body. Often these are the best crowd pleaser coffees. Generally they are suited to all palates and methods of roasting.
  • Dark Roast – This is the smokiest, deepest flavoured of our coffees. Some love the depth of flavour in a dark roast.

There will never be added flavours in your Signature Blend. We don’t use any chemicals – only the natural flavours that are determined by the locale and growing conditions.

Step 2: We Design Your Bag And Label

If you don’t have a unique design for your logo or cover image, our team can help you out. No stress! We’ve been known to come up with some seriously awesome taglines too.

  • The coffee is packaged in sleek, glossy white bags that are fully #2 recyclable. We worked directly with our local recycling depot to ensure they can and will accept the bags in recycling bins. 
  • All Cupper’s fundraising bags are vented and resealable. Venting helps maintain the coffee’s freshness.
  • Your label on the bag is 15.33 x 16.83 cm, or 5.25″ x 6.625″ (1575 x 1988 pixels for the techies out there).
  • Cupper’s fundraising team can assist you in developing your own custom label, or you can create your own.
  • We take care of getting the labels printed at a local professional print shop in Lethbridge – supporting local businesses!

Step 3: You Submit Your Order Form

Once we determine the start date of your fundraiser and we prepare your custom labels for your coffee bags, you can begin to collect your coffee orders from your supporters. Submitting your bulk coffee order is easy! 

  • First, Cupper’s will set you up with an online fundraising order option for your supporters.
  • You can also place your bulk coffee order online through the portal.
  • Secondly, paper order forms are also accepted. You can scan and email your orders if you prefer not to enter the orders online.
  • Finally, collect orders from your supporters through your own online portal. Your supporters can also order your unique blend directly on Cupper’s website for as long as you wish.
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Your Unique Fundraising Perks...

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 Fair Trade, Freshly Roasted, Premium Coffee Beans.

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We’ll Personalize Your Coffee Bags At No Charge.

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Stand Out! Add Your Mission, Vision and Tagline on The Front of Your Bag

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my fundraising run?

You can set the date on how long you would like your fundraising event to last. We just need to know when your fundraising event starts and when you would like it to end. Once we have your first order date we can begin to design the labels, prepare the bags, and roast your unique coffee blend so everything will be ready to go when your launch date comes around.

How long does a successful fundraiser run?

When people really enjoy your coffee, why limit their fundraising support to just once a year? We see a lot of success when campaign organizers have a regular order date, like once every two weeks, or once per month. Coffee is best when it’s consumed fresh and your supporters appreciate being able to order regularly.

Regular orders means your group makes more money more often. You can have your supporters order off your own online portal, or they can order your blend from Cupper’s online fundraising portal any time they wish. Either way, you still collect the profits.

Is there free shipping?

Short answer – Yes.

Longer answer – It depends on the size of the order. Any order of 50 to 99 bags, we split the shipping with the organization. Any order of 100 bags or more, and Cupper’s covers the shipping costs.

Do I have to have a big event for a fundraiser?

Absolutely not! Instead of raising a bunch of money at once you can raise smaller, ongoing amounts. This ‘residual’ style of fundraising can actually exceed the amount that you may have brought in with a bigger blitz event. Also with smaller and more frequent orders, there is less work and organizing for fundraising coordinators.

How often should I place a fundraising order?

That depends. We have groups that order every other week and we have other groups who order monthly. We’re flexible with what works for your group and supporters.

How do I take orders? How do I make orders?

Cupper’s has a few options for you when it comes to ordering. Order requests are based on “per bag” and “grind type”. You can pay by credit or debit card.

    1. We have an online ordering system. We create your online account on our portal and your fundraising leader can place orders online through our portal.
    2. We also have paper order forms as well and those can be scanned and emailed or dropped off.
    3. With COVID-19 and distance, many groups prefer making their orders online on the Cupper’s Fundraising Portal. The online ordering is easy and convenient. You can make your order and pay on the spot.
How do I get my coffee order?

We can ship to your location, deliver if you are within Lethbridge, Coaldale or Coalhurst, or you can pick up your order at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.

Who receives the coffee order?

If it’s a small order directly with us by a supporter, we work with them to get the coffee to them.

If the fundraising coordinator is placing the order, we get the coffee to them. It’s up to the fundraiser organizer to decide how they would prefer to distribute the coffees to your supporters.

Once I make my order how long does it take to get my coffee order?

It’s 5 business days maximum from when we receive your order to it being ready for pick-up or in the mail to your destination. Often it’s even faster!

How do we choose the coffee for our fundraiser?

Cupper’s develops a proprietary coffee blend just for your fundraising group. We help curate it with you so it’s what you’re proud to put your name on it. You decide what kind of flavour notes and roast you would like, and our master coffee roaster does the rest.

How much profit do we make on each bag?

Cupper’s will invoice you $15 per bag of coffee. Most of our fundraising groups sell each bag for $20. This gives you a 25% return.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our Coffee Fundraiser is “what you see is what you get”. There are no hidden costs and no start-up fees.

Packaging and custom labels are all included. The only undetermined cost is if shipping is needed. And if you sell more than 100 bags of coffee, shipping is free!

Will you help with our social media?

We help promote your product through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But truly, we also depend on you to get the message out. The more that sells, the more your group makes!

How is the coffee ground? What if I want whole bean coffee?

Obviously, freshly roasted coffee is always whole bean. But Cupper’s will grind the coffee specifically for your order. Options include (coarsest to finest grind) whole bean, press/perc, drip, Keurig (for refillable pods only, pod not supplied), Aeropress, Bialetti, espresso, Turkish.

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