You’ve missed your favourite Cupper’s beverages – SOOOO – 

Cupper’s Drink Menu is here to help!

Our full menu is available. Come to Cupper’s Parking Lot and call us to place your order!

Credit Cards only, via phone. 

A few GIANT friendly requests…

1. Please don’t call ahead to order your drinks. 

We’re not able to handle the additional phone calls. As you can imagine, our phones are ringing off the hook!  

2. Please treat the parking lot like a drive-through.

Remember it’s first come, first serve only. We’re a bit limited for prep space inside, what with trying to maintain a safe 6 foot space for every employee. We’ve rearranged the inside of our store to help with this, but it’s still a work in progress!

3. Please be patient with us.

Not only might there be drink orders ahead of yours, we’re also getting a lot of phone and online orders that we’re also filling and bringing to the parking lot.

If you’re bored of waiting, why not take a look around our website and see what else you might be interested in? 😉

Rest assured, your drinks will get our 100% full attention and will be as awesome as always. We’re glad you’re here!
Drinks - Basic Brews
Drinks - Espresso Yourself
Drinks - Got Milk
Drinks - Teas Me
Drinks - Just Chillin

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