Benji's Dog Treats

Benji’s Dog Treats are made right here in Lethbridge, Alberta, by Benji’s Natural Kitchen, a small local business. These amazing treats feature only the finest natural ingredients. These are nutritious, delicious snacks that keep dogs begging for more. The base for Benji’s include Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Flax Seed, Spent, Oil, and Water. The Flax Seed and Oil help keep your best friend’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. Spent is the leftover grain by-products of brewing, and is very high in protein and fibre, both essential for a healthy pet. There is no sugar, no salt, and no artificial ingredients.

These now come in two sizes, in completely zip-able, recyclable bags. There’s a variety of flavours to try, tempting to the most fussy of pups. Your best friend loves you unconditionally… so show them the love right back with Benji’s Dog Treats!

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