BAD COFFEE® at Cupper’s Coffee: it feels sooo good to be bad.

We love our Bad Coffee®.

Why BAD?? Because a bit o’ irony is a good thing, particularly if you’re caffeinated up and ready to rock.

Plus, we like to have fun with our brands, even though we take the coffee inside the bags very, very seriously 😉

We start with ethically sourced green beans from around the world, and roast them to our meticulous standards.

An arrow facing downward.


Preparing freshly roasted Bad Coffee at Cuppers in Lethbridge.


Flavour layers of cola, molasses, and almond/pecan come through, with a subtle nougat sweetness, too.

BAD COFFEE® has a nice, heavy body to carry those flavours.

Trust us, your inner rebel will love it.

In-store, we’ve brewed it every-which-way, and Cupper’s BAD Coffee® performs under all conditions… and it’s also amazingly GOOD as cold brew and nitro-infused. Just gets more flavourful and creamy!

Bad Coffee: makes incredible cold brew and nitro-infused coffee.

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates caffeine, sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts all wrapped up together, our Cupper’s BAD Coffee® is for you.
And if you’re really having fun and want to sport some wicked keen BAD merch, we have that for you too!

Posted by the happy, caffeinated team at Cupper's Coffee.

 Bad Coffee®
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