Keeping it Clean at Cupper’s Coffee

Loofah Art, Judes Cloths, and Swedish Dishcloths on a display rack.

3 Amazing Ways to Keep Stuff Clean

There’s never been a better time to clean house, or shop, or basement, or whatever! Life is better when you’re keeping it clean. And at Cupper’s, we have great tools to make it easier and perhaps a bit fun too. Check out some cool, fun options below. They’re cute enough they make great gifts too… we’re thinking stocking stuffers or a new home present.

Swedish Dishcloths:
  • Replaces paper towels and sponges;
  • Works on most household surfaces;
  • Can be washed over 200 times;
  • Use it for a year, and it’s biodegradable;
  • Comes in many different colourful designs.
Swedish Dishcloths on display
Loofah Art Kitchen Scrubbers: 
  • Gentle enough to scrub veggies;
  • Tough – scrubs hard without scratching;
  • Last longer than most scrubbers
  • Machine washable;
  • 100% natural loofah, biodegradable, compostable;
  • Made from sustainable agricultural crops.
Jude's Miracle Cloth:
  • Removes 99.9% bacteria just with water;
  • Streak-free, Spot-free, Lint-free cleaning;
  • Equals 22 rolls of paper towels;
  • Use only water, no chemical cleaners;
  • Made of microfiber for deep cleaning.
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