The ZEN of Espresso, brought to you by Cupper’s, Lethbridge’s own Coffee Roaster.

Lethbridge Espresso

Bringing a Zen-Like attention and focus to your espresso can change your experience. Which is true of anything, isn’t it?

There’s no one right way to do this. At Cupper’s, we keep the espresso tasting methods simple – while giving our excellent espressos the time and attention they deserve:

1. Start with a clean palate.
A drink of warm water will do the trick.

2. The “Slurp:” Professional coffee tasters (insert your name here) use the “slurp” to aerate the coffee, which allows the aromas to bypass the soft palate and travel up to the nose.

3. After you swallow the coffee, immediately breathe in, which will heighten the “nose” of the coffee.

4. Let the espresso sit for a few moments on different parts of your tongue. You will get different flavours (depth) on the top, front and sides of your tongue.

Simple yet satisfying.
Espresso can present many flavours, the most common being chocolate, caramel and often fruit. Talented tasters can taste the subtle flavours
that are often referred to as the “depth” or “complexity”

of a coffee.
Sometimes our fast-paced life calls for something different. If a quick hit is what you’re after, a few short sips or even one big gulp will get you there.