BruTrek BaseCamp French Press, Obsidian


Planetary Design’s BruTrek BaseCamp 48 ounce French Press in Obsidian

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Your BruTrek BaseCamp French Press in Obsidian is part of Planetary Design’s line. These are travel-ready, outdoor-friendly travel presses made to travel with you everywhere. The double-walled insulated, and vacuum-sealed 48 oz. BruTrek presses are enhanced by Bru-Stop technology. Bru-Stop literally stops your coffee from continued mixing with the grounds after you’ve pressed your coffee. This provides a rich tasting brew by preventing over-extraction or leaving grounds in your cup. Designed to brew anywhere and take everywhere, the BruTrek BaseCamp French Press in Obsidian is ultra-durable and ready for any adventure!


Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 29.59 × 18.49 × 11.71 cm


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