Kenya AA Medium Coffee


Kenya AA Medium Coffee.

Our Kenya AA Medium Coffee from Kilimanjaro is known for its distinctive aroma and intense flavour. African coffees are typically known for their fruity tones. Like all truly fine Kenyan coffees, this one has a slight dryness and crisp acidity. You’ll pick up a subtle wine-like overtone that has hints of dry tannins. Some coffee lovers can taste blueberry or blackcurrant. The defining tasting notes of our Kenya AA Medium Coffee are cantaloupe, allspice, and cinnamon. It’s an extraordinary coffee that’s grown in an amazing location by amazing people. Most don’t know that the coffee growing plains lie at the foot of the great Kenyan mountain, Kilimanjaro. Our Kenya Nyeri Gaikundo AA is grown on family-owned half-acre plots of 250 trees. This coffee is grown with care, harvested with generations of skill, and finally imported and roasted by the best at Cupper’s!

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1 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Drip, Press/Perc, Bialetti, Espresso, Keurig, Turkish, AeroPress


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