Mini Moos Orange Chocobar


Mini Moos Orange Chocobar is one of Moo Free’s award winning organic, dairy free chocolate bars. They’re also fair trade, gluten-free and vegan. Mini Moo chocolate bars are made in Moo Free’s UK factories that do not manufacture or handle any products containing milk, gluten or soya. Moo Free’s Choccy HQ also ensures that all their packaging is recyclable and they send 0% waste to landfill. The dairy free chocolate in each of these mouth-watering mini bars is infused with orange oil which gives each bar a wonderful, refreshing chocolate orange flavour with every bite. Best of all, each chocolate bar really does taste like delicious, quality milk chocolate!

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Mini Moo Dairy Free Choc Bar – Orange

Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 3.5 × 0.5 cm