Minimal Food Jar, Limpet 700 mL


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Minimal’s Food Jar, Limpet 700 mL is perfect for so many uses. Their vacuum-insulated thermal food jars are the cutest… and also super-functional! Every jar is made of double stainless steel walls, with copper thermal technology. They’re completely BPA-free, so safe for all uses. Regardless of size or colour, each comes with a bowl, the thermal jar and lid, and a specially hidden folding spoon. And the top lid has a pressure release valve under the spoon. Simply push it in, and you can open your jar easily. It’s not only functional, but Minimal’s Food Jar, Limpet 700 mL is easy to use too. The mouth of each jar is extra large, making so easy to add items in or get your lunch out. Each jar also has a large silicon handle, making them gentle on your hands and simple to carry. Now you’ll never need to worry about your cold snacks getting all hot and bothered. And your hot soups and sauces will stay hot for hours!

If this jar is just a bit too big for you, check out the Minimal’s Food Jar, Limpet 500 mL for a better fit. Or get both for a matching set!

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 30 cm


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