Monin Peach Tea Concentrate


Monin Peach Tea Concentrate

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Monin Peach Tea Concentrate is perfect for creating delicious iced tea. It’s simple – pump the syrup, add water and serve iced. Monin makes these with select premium black tea and pure cane sugar. Monin’s Iced Teas are high concentrated. A little goes a long way and the fruit flavours are extraordinary. It’s as if the fruit was fresh picked and pressed today. This will quickly become your family’s favourite go-to summer beverage. There is a small amount of caffeine in each glass, brought about by the black teas used in the flavouring. (As a special treat, try it heated. It’s tart, sweet and very good as a hot beverage!)
A little Peach Mango Tea Concentrate goes a LONG way and is easy to make. We use 1 ounce of concentrate in a 16 oz. glass. First fill the glass with ice. Second, add the concentrate, and finally top it with 8 oz. of cold water. All you need to add is a straw, and you’re set! With each bottle holding 25.4 ounces of concentrate, you’re going to get 25 x 16 ounce glasses of iced tea. To help measure the concentrate, add a Monin Syrup Pump to keep dispensing clean and easy. Each push of the pump puts out 1/4 ounce. Best of all, with the pump there’s very little spillage or dripping. And once this bottle is empty, you can transfer the pump to the next bottle. Saves on waste and mess! 
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