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Rishi Earl Grey represents the most popular tea of the western world. This citrus-scented tea dates back to 19th century trade of opium, tea, silk and porcelain. Rishi Organic Earl Grey blends bold Yunnan Dian Hong harvested from antique tea trees with natural Bergamot citrus from southern Italy. Rishi’s tea is of such high quality, each cup can be steeped twice using the same leaves. Ingredients include organic black tea, and essential bergamot oil. Each box has 15 individually wrapped sachets, with the tea bags made of a plant-based, biodegradable material. To brew, Rishi recommends steeping each bag in 235 mL of water heated to 93C for 4 minutes. This is the base of Cupper’s ever-popular London Fog Tea Lattes. Relax and enjoy!

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