Rishi Everyday Matcha Green Tea Powder


Rishi Everyday Matcha Powder

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Rishi Everyday Matcha Powder is organic, culinary grade Japanese green tea powder. It’s known for its intense flavour and culinary versatility. Mix with hot or cold milk for a latte – you can sweeten to taste. Or use the matcha powder to boost your favorite juices, smoothies and hot chocolate. It’s ingredients include Japanese green tea, featuring the cultivars of Kanayamidori, Okuyutaka, Yabukita, and Asanoka. To do a traditional preparation, Rishi recommends sifting 1 tsp (2g) into a chawan, or traditional small rounded bowl. To this, add 75mL water at 76C. Use a chasen (bamboo whip) to whip into a smooth, rich foam. Matcha has a natural energizing effect, and is great for you in so many ways.

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