Tender Leaf Bird’s Nest Café


Tender Leaf Bird’s Nest Café

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The Tender Leaf Bird’s Nest Café is a complete one-stop coffee shop with lots of accessories. Kids can make a pretend cappuccino with toppings, brew a cup of tea, toast a panini, or serve sandwiches and pastries. The set is sustainably and ethically made from beautifully coloured solid rubber wood and top quality plywood. There are 40 accessories that help give unlimited creative storytelling including:

  • Panini Toaster
  • 5 different colored drink pods
  • 2 clacking dials
  • Milk jug & steamer spout
  • 2 cups, 2 plates, 1 potholder
  • Knife, fork, spoon
  • Sugar cubes and chocolate shaker
  • 2 coffee discs & 3 different toppings
  • 3 flavoured tea bags in fabric packs
  • 1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries, & 2 cupcakes
Weight 6.71 kg
Dimensions 19.76 × 5.31 × 10.71 cm


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