Tree of Matchsticks by Elisa Downing (softcover)


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Tree of Matchsticks (House of Matchsticks #3) – Memories of his forbidden trek were stolen straight from his head. He’ll never be the same if he gets them back… Jack Fael can’t shake an uneasy feeling something’s off. Already riddled with doubt over coming out of retirement just to work with his rival, the treasure hunter feels no closer to uncovering what happened the night his career ended. So he’s thrilled when he begins to have the visions he’s been looking for deep in the mines, offering a crucial shot at untangling his muddled memories.

Impatient for answers, Jack is forced to grit his teeth and play nice while an unfamiliar crew embarks on his quest. But between the shaky identity of one of his team, battling confused feelings regarding his rival, and deadly terrain inside the mines, it’ll be hard enough surviving their treacherous underground expedition. Can he reclaim his fractured history, or will he be lost to the darkness forever?

Tree of Matchsticks is the endlessly satisfying third book in the House of Matchsticks YA fantasy series. If you like powerfully realized characters, twisting suspense, and emotionally moving moments, then you’ll love Elisa Downing’s spring-loaded tinderbox.

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