5 Facts About Green Coffee Bean Extract

“Green coffee bean extract” (or GCBE) is a buzz phrase in health circles. There are a lot of claims about what the extract does… but what do you actually know about it?
Some studies demonstrate that coffee beans have many of the antioxidants at the same levels as found in green tea. GCBE is also sometimes called a miracle weight loss cure. There are claims it will reduce your belly fat, lower your blood pressure, and take your dog for a walk. (Ok, maybe we added that last one in for comedic effect, but you get the idea.)
But you’re in luck. We’ve reviewed some of the biggest claims made about green coffee bean extract. We’ve also included links to the actual scientific papers that cover these claims. Check out the facts needed before you dive into the world of green coffee. When you’re done reading up on GCBE, here’s a quick and easy recipe to DYI some at home yourself!

1. Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) makes you loose weight - FALSE

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A now-debunked study suggested that green bean extract increased your body’s metabolism. The most famous was a 2012 paper made popular by Mehmet Oz, a television personality. After a Federal Trade Commission investigation, the original authors retracted their study. The FTC “allege[d] the study was so hopelessly flawed that no reliable conclusions could be drawn from it”.

Since then, additional studies continued to debunk weight loss claims. “The evidence from RCTs seems to indicate that the intake of GCE can promote weight loss. However, several caveats exist. The size of the effect is small, and the clinical relevance of this effect is uncertain. More rigorous trials with longer duration are needed to assess the efficacy and safety of GCE as a weight loss supplement.”

At Cupper’s we think you’re awesome exactly the way you are. If you want to explore your weight loss options please consult your doctor first. We are coffee experts, not medical experts.

2. GCBE lowers your blood pressure - Partly true

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There may be some truth to this claim. All coffee, and many teas (particularly black teas) contain chlorogenic acid (CGA). This chemical compound has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure in patients. The patients in this small, controlled study had mild hypertension under certain conditions. Raw green beans do contain more CGA than roasted coffee beans.

But like we said before, we’re coffee experts, not medical doctors. Please, always consult your doctor before starting any treatment for a medical condition.

3. GCBE is high in antioxidants - Partly True

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Antioxidants are substances that prevent or slow damage to cells from free radicals. Free radicals are waste substances made by your body. This occurs naturally as it processes food and reacts to the environment. If your body can’t process and remove free radicals well, oxidative stress can result. This can harm cells and body function. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals which boosts your overall health.
GCBE does contain antioxidants. Roasted coffee and teas also contain antioxidants. But coffee is not the only way to consume antioxidants. There are antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, beans, dark chocolate, and nuts. It’s important to understand there are many types of antioxidants. Each antioxidant type has a different function, and they are not interchangeable. This one of many reasons it’s important to have a varied, healthy diet.

4. GCBE stabilizes your blood sugars - Not Confirmed

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There is a study that shows chlorogenic acid may reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes in adults. As stated above, chlorogenic acid is present in green coffee bean extract. This study was on the effect of coffee and tea on blood sugars, not on the effects of GCBE. The same study’s authors also state their sample size was too small to show true results. 
If you have concerns over your blood sugar levels please consult your doctor. Remember, medical advice is not our area of expertise.

5. GCBE increases your energy - True!

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We like all coffee, black or green, for its caffeine properties. If you’re looking for an extra boost to your drinks and don’t want coffee, try adding some GCBE. We have amazing Refresher beverages that feature GBCE. We serve them in-store, or you can take a bottle of the Refresher Concentrates home to make your own drinks. Mix Refreshers with sparkling or still water for a drink that tastes amazing and lives up to its name!
You can also look for GCBE at your local health food store. (Check out Purple Carrot in Lethbridge!) You can also consider making your own. We actually whipped up a batch in the store – it was easy, quick, and inexpensive. Here’s how, using only your instant pot.
Green coffee beans can be purchased at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea. Call us at 403-380-4555 for more info!

Note: Green coffee beans are a raw food item and must be handled as such. Anytime you use green coffee beans be careful afterwards to wash anything you’ve used. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is green coffee bean extract?

Green coffee bean extract (or GCBE) is made from unroasted coffee beans. It can come in tablet or liquid form.

2. What does green coffee bean extract do to you?

GCBE contains antioxidants and gives you an energy boost.

3. Is green coffee bean extract safe?

Yes. In moderation, the extract is safe.

4. Can green coffee reduce belly fat?

There are many claims that GCBE is good for weight loss. This has primarily been debunked, and needs further study. For dietary and weight loss support consult your doctor.

5. How much caffeine is in green coffee bean extract?

Our Refreshers, which contain GCBE, contain 25 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce serving.

6. Does green coffee bean extract have caffeine?

Yes, GCBE contains a small amount of caffeine. Our Refreshers have GCBE in them, and contain 25 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce serving.

7. Is green coffee bean extract a stimulant?

All coffee beans, roasted or green contains caffeine. Caffeine is a natural, slightly addictive stimulant.

8. Does green coffee bean extract work?

That depends on what you’re using it for! GCBE contains caffeine and will give you an energy boost.

9. Where to buy green coffee bean extract?

You can buy Refresher concentrates from us at Cupper’s Coffee and Tea. These contain green coffee extract and are mixed with still or sparkling water for a drink that lives up to its name.

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