Easy DIY Chai Tea Latte Recipe

If you’re like us, you love Chai Lattes. We drink them everyday! But then of course we have the luxury of working in the best coffee & tea store in the world. Imagine having easy access to delicious chai tea lattes around the clock. Yum…

What if you don’t work at Cupper’s Coffee and Tea, but still want unlimited chai tea lattes? Well, your first option is to come on down and order up a chai latte and we’ll have Maggie or Ash make one for you. We always appreciate your visit!

The second option is to follow this 2-step recipe and make your own chai tea latte, right in your own home or office. It will amaze you how easy it is.

Orange Mug of chai tea latte with cinnamon sticks

What is Chai?

Chai is a mix of black tea, and sweet and savoury spices. Masala Chai is another name for this style of milk-based tea. There is as many different styles and blends of chai tea as there is people who drink it. Common spices include cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, star anise, and cloves. Some chai blends are so focused on the spices, they even omit the black tea. Regardless of what’s in it, you can always find a style you’ll enjoy. And because it uses milk, the tea blend makes excellent chai tea lattes.

Prep Time: <1 min

Cook Time: 1.5 min

Total Time: 2.5 min

Skill Level: Super-Easy

Servings: 1 (makes 16 oz)



  1. Mix Ambient Moon Chai Concentrate with milk
  2. Heat mixture on stove top, or in microwave in a microwave safe container

If you want to get extra special, you can whip the milk with one of the awesome milk frothers we have at Cupper’s. Then sprinkle a bit of nutmeg or cinnamon on top, sip and enjoy. Another special treat is to add a shot of Monin Syrup to the mix. Peppermint Chai anyone?

If you want an Iced Chai Tea Latte, skip heating the mix. Pour the blend over ice, and relax with the pleasant spicy chill. That’s it, that’s all!

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