What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Even though Nitro Cold Brew is a fairly new trend to coffee, it’s popularity taken off around the world. It’s quickly become one of the most served iced coffee beverages today.
Nitrogenated cold brewed coffee is simple, which is surprising given how popular it’s become. It’s cold brewed coffee that’s then infused with nitrogen gas. We infuse our brew for a long period of time, from 12-24 hours before it’s finished. The nitrogen gives a texture to the cold coffee that is rich and velvety. Because the coffee brews cold, it stays smooth and sweet. You can dress up your cold brew with cream and sugar, or drink it black with nothing in it.
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Does Cold Brew Taste Different?

Coffee that brews cold tastes very different (and much better) than a coffee that is hot brewed and cooled. Cooled hot coffee often tastes ashy or old, and doesn’t settle well in your stomach.
If you start with meticulously roasted coffee (like ours!) the natural flavour of the beans really stands out. Brewing the coffee cold enhances subtle flavours more than hot brewing. If you love a particular coffee of ours, you’ll LOVE it as a nitrogenated cold brew. The cold-brew-nitro process makes those tasting notes even more intense. The taste difference between chilled hot coffee and coffee that has never been heated is quite strong. So much so, we recommend trying it black, even if you use cream and sugar normally in your coffee.
There’s an extra bonus to cold brew as well. When you cold brew a coffee, it usually is less acidic than a hot coffee poured over ice. If regular coffee upsets your stomach, this may be a good option for you. Try it with some frothed oat milk for a delicious dairy free treat.

How is Nitro Cold Brew Made?

At Cupper’s Coffee & Tea, we make new batches of cold brew quite often for our iced coffee drinks. We always use our fresh roasted coarse ground coffee and fresh cold water in a large container. The cold brew then steeps in our big fridges for 12 hours. When the coffee has finished steeping we filter out the grounds. Then we pour the coffee into a keg that’s the same as a pop or beer keg. We place the keg into our under-counter fridge and hook it up to a tank of nitrogen gas. From there, our baristas pour the Brew from a tap on demand… much like a Guinness beer.

If you want to make your own cold brew at home and have it nitrogenated, you should check out our GrowlerWerks Ukeg Home Brew Maker. You brew your cold brew overnight right inside the keg. In the morning, you pop a small nitrogen canister in the infusion chamber and shake the keg like you’ve got a squirrel in your shorts. Bang… there you are with a mini-keg of Nitro, ready for anything. Nitro Cold Brew has never been easier to make yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nitro brew with sweet cream?

This is a special treat! To make it with sweet cream, add some cereal cream and vanilla to your brew after pouring it.

What does nitro do to cold brew?

Nitrogen adds a smooth texture to the already sweet, low acid cold brew.

Can nitro cold brew go bad?

Yes. The longer a nitro brew is open, the more nitrogen will escape, making it a regular but flat cold brew. In addition, we don’t recommend drinking any cold brew that is more than 2 weeks old.

Can cold brew be decaf?

You definitely can make your nitro brew as a decaf. If you want to know more about decaf coffee check out our decaf coffee offerings.

Does cold brew have more caffeine?

Nitro does not have more caffeine than a regular cold brew coffee. But it is important to remember that cold brew steeps the coffee grounds for a long time. Thus both cold brew and nitro brew have more caffeine than regular coffee.

Where can I get nitro cold brew?

You can get Nitro on tap from Cupper’s Coffee & Tea. We also have canned our Bad Coffee Nitro. This is sold in many local cafes and at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.

Does nitro cold brew have ice?

You absolutely can put ice in your Brew if you’d like. We’re not the boss of you. 🙂

Does nitro cold brew have dairy?

No. It is completely dairy free. This is a common question though. It’s just the nitrogen that makes it taste so smooth and creamy.

Does nitro cold brew have sugar?

No. It is completely sugar free, unless you choose to add some sweetener or syrup.

Is nitro cold brew vegan?

Yes. Any straight cold brew only contains coffee, water, and nitrogen.

Is nitro cold brew carbonated?

No. Nitro is infused with nitrogen so it is nitrogenated, not carbonated.

Is nitro cold brew keto?

Yes. Nitro coffee contains no calories or sugar. Feel free to dress it up with some of our delicious Monin Sugar Free Syrups.

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