Mad, Crazy, Coffee Science: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Cupper’s Coffee.

Our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is a velvety and delicious addition to our cold coffee line-up.


Nitro is Cupper’s  cold-brew coffee – steeped 12 hours – and infused with nitro bubbles.


If you haven’t tried it yet, come in and treat yourself!

​When we first built our nitro brewer, the whole process was a bit like watching mad scientists at work.

​Except for THESE scientists were producing cold, creamy, luxurious Nitro Brew Coffee.

Cupper's coffee experts inspect the nitro bubbles in cold brew coffee.


Cupper’s coffee maestros inspect nitro bubbles in cold brew nitro coffee.



As the cold brew coffee is infused with the nitrogen gas, it changes the texture of the coffee.

billions of tiny bubbles give it a luxuriously creamy, smooth texture.
Picture of Cuppers freshly roasted cold brew nitro coffee just after pouring.


Just like a good Guinness, cold brew nitro coffee develops a creamy head of bubbles during and after pouring.



Shining a light on the cup of nitro brew shows off the creamy texture.
Picture of cuppers coffee cold brew nitrogen infused coffee bubbles.


The millions of tiny bubbles that give cold brew nitrogen-infused coffee its creamy texture can be seen here.



Cold Brew coffee brings depth to coffee flavours.

​Our coffee is meticulously roasted to bring out the natural flavours of the bean, and the cold-brew-nitro process makes those tasting notes even more intense. 
Picture of cuppers cold brew nitro coffee pouring in Lethbridge.


The creamy head develops as the cold brew nitro coffee is poured.



PLUS: Nitro Cold Brew coffee is slightly sweet.


​If you normally take your coffee with cream or sugar, try our Nitro Cold Brew black, first.

You may be surprised at the natural sweetness in the coffee 🙂 

Picture of the Cupper's Coffee Nitro Brew paired with our new Spring Blend!


The cold brew and nitro process really intensify the flavours of our already amazing coffees!



The Nitro has developed a real following. 


We have customers waiting all year for it to show up on our menu in the summer.

​​Here’s to enjoying your summer of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee!

Picture of Cuppers coffee customer enjoying a freshly roasted cold brew nitro coffee in Lethbridge.


Come on down to our Lethbridge store and treat yourself to a freshly roasted cold brew nitro coffee!