All The Coffees

As a coffee roaster, we’re proud to send our premium coffee all across Canada to our amazing customers. All of our coffee beans are fair trade, ethically sourced and meticulously roasted. We’re proud to support coffee farmers who take care of the land, their communities and their families.

As coffee roasters, we carefully source beans from all over the coffee growing areas of the world. Our master roaster roasts all our beans every day in small batches. We package and ship all our roasted coffee as either beans or ground coffee within 4-5 days of roasting. We have our regular offerings of coffees from many regions, but we also have fun bringing in one-of-a-kind coffees for a special treat. Keep checking back to see what we have coming in next.

To learn more about our coffee, coffee growing, and coffee beans, read through our blog post The Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Beans.

Freshness Guaranteed! FREE SHIPPING in Canada on 10 lbs or more!

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