AeroPress Rubber Gasket


AreoPress Rubber Gasket

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The AreoPress Rubber Gasket is a life-saver for your coffee brewer. When you really love your AeroPress Coffee Brewer, you can actually wear out the gasket on the end of the plunger. This takes a LOT of time and pressing to do, but when you make enough coffee with your brewer this can be the result. Fortunately, when your AeroPress isn’t pressing quite as cleanly or with as much pressure as you’d like, we can help. Simply remove the old, worn gasket and dispose of it. Clean the exposed bottom of the plunger. The AeroPress Rubber Gasket take the place of the old gasket by snapping on to the bottom of your newly cleaned plunger. Instantly, your coffee game is back, with the seal you know and appreciate. Best of all, you aren’t having to purchase a whole new AeroPress. (Unless you want to try the other one you don’t already use, of course!)

Weight .010 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm


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