AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker


AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

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The AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker is one of the newest in the AeroPress line. These are completely clear, and are made of Tritan, a very strong and durable plastic. Now you can see your coffee brewing for even better control of the strength! This version comes with the chamber and plunger. It also includes a small sleeve of paper micro-filters, a paddle to stir the brewing coffee, and a scoop to ensure you have the right amount of ground coffee.

AeroPress makes some of the fastest, cleanest and most versatile coffee brewers available. They produce a wickedly good cup of coffee in only a few minutes, with minimal waste and clean-up. Every one comes with everything needed but Cupper’s coffee and hot water. They’re perfect for coffee on the go, while camping, in your RV or at a hotel. Heck, we use ours at home all the time, too! The original AeroPress is the standard model. But for a completely self-packaged travel version, check out the compact AeroPress Go. Or add in the AeroPress Fellow Prismo for even more brewing options.

Weight .290 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 30 cm


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