Airscape Kilo Grey Canister


The Airscape Kilo Grey Canister has the same amazing sealing inner lid that the rest of the Airscape family has, but this one’s MUCH bigger! The Airscape Kilo holds 2.5 lbs of coffee beans, 5 lbs of flour or brown sugar, 2.5 lbs of granola, 3 lbs of oats, or 7.5 lbs of popcorn kernels. Best of all, it keeps all of these sealed tight with a minimum of airspace. Then even as you use what’s in the canister, everything stays fresh longer. Each canister is BPA-free and food safe, and made with 18/8 gauge galvanized steel. In addition, they’re stain-free and air-tight, and can be washed by hand if needed. Finally, the matte finish is a great way to match to any decor, and at only 8 inches tall, it should fit wherever you want it to!

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Weight1.245 kg
Dimensions20.5 × 20.5 × 21 cm