Clever Dripper Coffee Brewer


Clever Dripper

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This is a completely new take on a pour-over brewer. Similar to a regular pour-over, you use a filter, but unlike conventional pour-overs, your hot water doesn’t run through until you place the brewer on your cup. Once set, it pushes up the seal on the bottom of the brewer, and fresh, hot coffee is immediately poured. You completely control how long the coffee brews… meaning you get EXACTLY the coffee you want, the way you want it!

BPA free, the Clever Dripper also includes a cover to keep your coffee hot while steeping and a base tray for it to sit on before transferring to your cup. It uses regular coffee filters, needs to be hand-washed or rinsed, and is recommended for microwaves.

Weight0.360 kg
Dimensions14 × 15.5 × 15 cm


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