Jura Milk System Cleaner Tabs Refill Pack, 160 gm


The new Jura Milk System Cleaner Tabs Refill Pack (160 grams) gets you all set to continue to enjoy amazing drinks from your favourite Jura. These tabs remove all coffee and milk residue from your machine and milk lines in 10 mins or less, including from frother parts and all tubing. Milk fats and solids are normally extra difficult to remove once milk has been heated. These concentrated tablets break down the proteins and restores the pristine condition of your espresso machine without extra effort on your part. As this is a concentrate, this refill pack will last a long time and keeps your machine fresh and working well for many months to come.  Additionally, it’s phosphate free, making it even better for the environment!

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Jura Milk System Cleaning Tabs 180 gm refills

Weight.230 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 14 cm

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