Monin Lavender Syrup


Monin Lavender Syrup

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Monin Lavender Syrup is a perfect addition to your barista station. Put some in your smoothie, frappe, over ice cream, or use it to add flavour to an Italian soda. They’re also a regular addition to many of our coffee and tea beverages at Cupper’s. Monin Syrups are renown for their amazing flavours and clean, pure taste and are definitely our syrup of choice. Their syrups are sweet and true-flavoured without any residual bitterness. Be innovative, and try it in your baking, mixed in your yogurt, or as a change of pace in an adult beverage.

A little Monin Lavender Syrup goes a LONG way – we usually use 1/2 ounce to flavour most of our 12 oz. drinks. Add a Monin Syrup Pump to keep dispensing clean and easy.  Each push of the pump puts out 1/4 ounce. Best of all, with the pump there’s very little spillage or dripping. And once this bottle is empty, you can transfer the pump to the next bottle. Saves on waste and mess! With over 750 mL or 25 ounces of syrup, you’ll get a lot of beverages out of each glass bottle.

Check back often for new flavours, or check out our 10 Must-Try Cocktail Recipes, many of which feature Monin syrups. We’re big fans!

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