10 Must-Try Cocktail Recipes for 2023

Easy cocktail recipes to pop up your social life. Impress guests & elevate your party game with our top 10 cocktails of the year. These are easy to make & guaranteed to be a hit. Keep reading for the full list!

Are you ready to step up your party game? You’re in luck… we’ve got the top 10 cocktail recipes of the year and we’re sharing them with you!
Before we review drinks, let’s talk about party styles that feature fancy cocktails. Are you hosting a high-end dinner party? Impress your guests with a sophisticated cocktail. Throwing a casual get-together with friends? We’ve got the right cocktail for that too.
You might think you are not a professional bartender, or that you can’t make these cocktails. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These cocktails are easy to create and will make you look like a pro.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your shakers, strainers, and glasses ready. Spice up your gatherings with these top 10 cocktails of the year. These cocktails are going to be the star of the show at your next party. (Your guests will thank you for it.)
First, we’re going to start with some hot drinks to get us going. So it’s cold outside and you want to try something new? Our Hot Apple Pie drink is the perfect choice for a hot cocktail recipe!
You need Mountain Cider Company’s Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate, Tuaca Liqueur, and hot water. First, add the spiced cider concentrate to a heat-proof glass or mug. The spiced cider gives the drink a warm and comforting apple pie taste. Next, add Tuaca Liqueur. Tuaca Liqueur adds a unique twist of vanilla and citrus to the cider. Together, they make the perfect sweet and spicy drink for that cozy feeling. Finally, add hot water and stir. A Hot Apple Pie Spiced Hard Cider is perfect for curling up on a sofa with a fuzzy throw on a chilly evening.
Our second cocktail recipe is a true winter treat. A regular hot toddy is a warm and cozy drink made with hot water, lemon juice, honey and dark rum. This toddy version of a cocktail recipe uses whiskey instead to balance against the warm cider from Mountain Cider Company’s Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate. It’s like a warm hug in a cup and perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather or want to relax before bedtime. The hot water, lemon juice, and honey all work together to make the drink sweet and yummy. The whiskey adds a nice punch. Enjoy your hot toddy in moderation and it will be the perfect way to snuggle up on a cold night!
If you make an Apple Cider Hot Toddy, post a pic of it on your favorite social media, hashtag #Cupper’sAtHome!
For our third recipe, are you wanting a warm and cozy drink to cheer you up? Look no further than Hot Cider Buttered Rum! This delicious cocktail recipe is perfect for cold winter days, cozy nights in, or any time you’re feeling a little down.
We’re going to use our favourite stand-by: Mountain Cider Company’s Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate. Next, you’ll need some dark rum. Dark rum is the perfect companion to the apple flavour. Don’t substitute a white rum, it’s not the same at all. Dark rum adds a warm hug in a cup and a nice kick that’ll make you feel snuggled and fuzzy inside.
Now, add in some hot water and give it a stir. Last, here’s the fun part: add a pat of butter to make it extra rich and yummy. Trust us, you won’t regret it!
Hot Buttered Rum is the ultimate comfort drink. It’s warm, cozy, and delicious. The butter adds a soothing richness that’s perfect for a cold winter day after skiing or snowshoeing. It’s also perfect for a cozy night in with friends and family. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a Hot Cider Buttered Rum today. You deserve it!
After a few wonderful warm drinks, we’ll switch to summer chilled concoctions for our fourth cocktail. Let’s start with the classic and Easy Mojito. Monin Mojito Mix Syrup is the secret to making killer mojitos at home. Real lime and mint flavours make it taste like you made it fresh. Plus, Monin uses no faked flavours in their syrups. Mix it with white rum and soda water and you’re almost done. Add a couple of slices of lime and a sprig of mint, and you’ve made a masterpiece. Impress all your friends with your mad mojito skills. Perfect for summer parties or BBQs. You can also upscale this cocktail recipe to make a large batch in a pitcher for easy serving. Your guests will love ’em!
If you make an Easy Mojito, post pictures or videos on your favourite social media! #CuppersAtHome
Our fifth classic cocktail is an old fave. This here’s a Moscow Mule like you ain’t never had before! It’s got a kick, but it’s smooth too. We use our Bad Coffee Nitro Cold Brew and mix it with the juice of an orange and vodka. Then we put it in a copper mug and add some ginger beer. It’s strong, but it’s also got a sweetness from the orange. The Bad Ass Moscow Mule cocktail recipe is a different twist on the classic Moscow Mule. It’s sure to impress your friends, a perfect pick-me-up for a night out.
Share pics of your Bad Ass Moscow Mule on social media with the hashtag #CuppersAtHome.
For the next round, are you ready for a drink that’s older than your grandpa? It’s the return of the Old Fashioned! This drink is like a time machine in a glass, taking you back to the days of fancy suits and fedoras. But we’ve put our Cupper’s modern day twist on it.
We’re introducing the Bad Fashioned. It’s a cocktail that is not only delicious but also has a bad-to-the-bone flavour. This cocktail recipe is like an Old Fashioned but updated. It ain’t your grandpa’s musty, dusty drink.
Add the secret ingredient, Bad Coffee Nitro Cold Brew. You’ve got an Old Fashioned that’s sure to impress all your friends (and maybe even your gramps). But remember, drink like a gentleman and not like a college student.
Post photos of your Bad Fashioned on social media with the hashtag #CuppersAtHome.
Introducing the Espresso Martini. Our seventh cocktail combines the bold taste of coffee with an alcohol twist. Perfect for those who love a good pick-me-up, this drink is sure to impress. Ingredients include Rocket Brand Espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka, and Monin Pure Cane Sugar Syrup. It’s a unique blend of flavours that is sure to be a hit at any party. Remember to drink responsibly, and cheers to the ultimate coffee cocktail!
In this cocktail recipe we used our homemade Very Bad Coffee Liqueur Recipe. Don’t have an espresso machine? You can substitute cold brew concentrate. Make sure to post pictures of your Espresso Martini on social media with the hashtag #CuppersAtHome
Get ready to pucker up – the Raspberry Cosmopolitan is in town! This pink drink is not just pretty to look at. It’s also packed with antioxidants and flavour that will knock your socks off.
With the Monin Raspberry Syrup, the Raspberry Cosmopolitan is the life of the party. The tangy raspberry mixed with the perfect amount of citrus is like a dance party on your taste buds. And the best part? It’s packed Vitamin C from the cranberry juice.
But let’s be real, we all know the real reason you’re making this cocktail recipe is for the perfect Instagram. Served in a sleek martini glass, this bad boy will make your ex jealous and your friends say “damn, I wish I’d made that”. Don’t forget to tag #CuppersAtHome. So, come on, don’t be shy. Live a little and try a Raspberry Cosmopolitan today!
Late in our list, but not in our hearts! Are you ready to spice up your cocktail game? We have the ultimate party starter for you – the Passion Fruit Gin Fizz! This delicious drink is the perfect combination of sweet, tangy and boozy. We use only the best: your favourite London-style gin, Monin Passion Fruit Syrup, lemon bitters, and soda water. It’s like a tropical vacation in a glass!
Note: Traditional gin fizzes often contained egg white. We chose not to in our cocktail recipe to avoid any contamination issues. (Though they do taste amazing!)
The egg-less recipe is easy-peasy! First, add everything but the soda into a cocktail shaker, give it a good shake, and pour. Then top it off with soda water and add that beautiful passion fruit pulp as a garnish. The passion fruit itself is not just delicious, it’s also good for you. It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy.
So why settle for a boring old drink when you can have a Passion Fruit Gin Fizz? It’s the ultimate party starter, and it’s sure to impress your friends. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and see! Don’t forget to post pictures on social media and tag them with the hashtag #CuppersAtHome.
Welcome to our final (but definitely one of our favourite) cocktail recipe! You’ve likely heard of a Whiskey Sour from the throwback to the ’50’s streaming shows. We’ll bet you’ve never tried its distant 2nd cousin, the Pistachio Gin Sour!
First, you’ll need your fave London-style gin to start. Add Monin Pistachio Syrup, lemon juice, and Dry Curacao. The final secret ingredient in this cocktail recipe? Egg whites or aquafaba (the liquid you’d usually drain from a can of chickpeas)!
There’s also a secret technique here, too! Dry shaking creates a gives your drink a nice texture and helps to emulsify the ingredients. And the proteins from the egg white or aquafaba makes the microfoam that is the classic touch of a gin sour.
Garnish with lemon peel or a few roasted pistachios. This will add a nice visual touch and aroma to your Pistachio Gin Sour.

We’re going to keep adding cocktail recipes as we… ahem… try them. So check back often to see what’s new!

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