Ambient Moon Chai Concentrate


Ambient Moon Chai, 32oz

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Ambient Moon Natural Chai Concentrate is made from steeped black tea, select rich spices, cane juice, and dark dandelion honey. It’s easy to make a hot chai by adding it to your milk and heating the mix. To make it extra-special, top your chai with cinnamon or nutmeg for a rich, full-on, spicy warmer-upper. It’s also the base for our iced chai lattes, which are easily made with cold milk! Ambient Moon Chai is always a staff and customer favourite, and keeps very well. The 32 oz Tetrapak of Ambient Moon Chai Concentrate makes enough for eight 8oz chai drinks.

Check out our Easy DYI Chai Tea Latte Recipe, using Ambient Moon, your favourite alternate milk, and a Bodum Schuima Frother. They’re perfect for any chilly evening.

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