Cold-Brew Coffee in Lethbridge – on Tap for Summer. Cupper’s freshly roasted coffee, served COLD!

Cold brew coffee cuppers

New! Check out our Home Cold- Brew Coffee units. (scroll down)

One of the ways you can tell
summer is here: we break out our
Cold-Brew Coffee Maker.

Cold-brew is different than iced coffee. 

It’s extracted at room temperature, using ice water – which means there’s no flavour deterioration. The resulting brew is like an elixir: liqueur-like, intense, delicious.   

As you can see, it looks like a bit like a science experiment, or a back-woods moonshine contraption. What happens is: ice water drips, drop-by-drop with the help of gravity only, through our ground coffee… and eventually seeps through to the carafe at the bottom. It takes 24 hours for this unit to make a carafe full.

Come into the store and try a cup!

For home use, we sell a few different Cold-Brew Systems. 
They work just like our store model,
​only smaller and better looking 🙂

Come into the store, we’ll show you how they work.
To make your amazing cold-brew coffee,  we suggest our
Bad Coffee, 
Ethiopian Yrgecheffe,
eruvian Cafe Feminino, or our famous Summer Blend
(which comes out the first day of summer.)