What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is super-simple. It is your favourite coffee brewed with cold water instead of hot. Using cold water keeps the acidity low and the sweetness high in the coffee. As a result, cold brew coffee is very smooth and doesn’t have any of the harshness of coffee that was heated and then chilled. It is very versatile and mixes well with cream and sugar for a sweet summer drink.

Cold brew has become very popular because of its flavour, high caffeine content, and how easy it is to brew. If you are running a café, it is easy to make large batches of cold brew to serve the early morning rush. Nothing is more refreshing than a smooth cup of cold brew on a hot summer day.

If you are brewing at home it’s easy to make up a whole week’s supply of coffee in one day. Add some milk and your favourite Monin Syrup flavour, and you have a delicious café quality drink.

How to Make Cold Brew

To make cold brew, all you need is a container that can store coffee for up to 24 hours, and a way to strain out the grinds. There are also several styles of cold brewers available. Our favourite is the Goodcook Koffe Cold Brew Maker. The Goodcook brewer is great because it has a large basket infuser built in and cleanup is very simple.

Use very coarse ground coffee to brew. (To read more about coffee grind size, check out our Definitive Guide to Coffee Grinders 2022.) Because of the low temperature you want to steep your coffee for a very long time. Anywhere from 12 – 24 hours is ideal for cold brew, depending on your taste.
When measuring cold brew use the same proportions you would use to make your regular coffee. Usually that’s 1 Tbsp per 4oz serving. To read more on coffee proportions check out How Much Coffee Should I Use?
You can also make a cold brew concentrate, which is a super-strong cold brew. Use a 1:4 ratio of coffee to water and let it steep for 12-24 hours. When the coffee has brewed enough, add it to cold water, ice, water, or lemonade to dilute it. This brewing method makes it very easy to make iced lattes at home with no expensive equipment.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Hand pulling a nitro cold brewed tap pouring coffee

Nitro cold brew is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen. This makes the cold brew pour like a beer, and makes it even more smooth and creamy. At Cupper’s we serve our Bad Coffee as Nitro Cold brew in cans or on tap. Learn more about nitro cold brew from Nitro Cold Brew at Cupper’s Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cold brew beans different?

No. Try using your favourite coffee beans in your next batch of cold brew. If you like your favourite coffee hot, you’ll love it cold.

Are cold brew makers worth it?

Cold Brew makers can be worth the investment, but you don’t need to buy one to make an amazing cold brew. We recommend brewing your cold brew in a French press if you have one. See if you even like cold brew before you buy any fancy gadgets.

Is cold brew less acidic?

Yes. Because cold brew coffee never touches hot water it is lower in acidity than a hot coffee gone cold.

Can cold brew go bad?

Yes. The shelf life for cold brew in the fridge is about 2 weeks. Make sure to keep track of when you made your cold brew so you don’t drink expired coffee – yuck.

Can cold brew be decaf?

Yes! Sometimes you want to enjoy a great cold coffee, but don’t want the caffeine. In those times decaf coffee is a great option.

Can cold brew be served hot?

Sure! If you prefer to have hot coffee you can heat up your cold brew. This is a great use for your cold brew concentrate. Add a couple ounces of concentrate to a cup of hot water and you have an Americano-style coffee that was easy to make. This is especially a good option for camping as it doesn’t take a ton of extra tools.

How long do you brew cold brew?

Anywhere from 12-24 hours is the right amount to brew cold brew. You’ll have to try out what amount of time works best for you.

How long will cold brew last in the fridge?

Cold brew will last in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Do not drink cold brew that is more than 2 weeks ago.

Can I make cold brew in an AeroPress?

You can, and it’s so easy. If you are looking for a way to make cold brew that doesn’t take one full day, then an AeroPress is a good option. Load your AeroPress with coffee, but use cold water instead of hot. Let it steep for 3 minutes while stirring and press the plunger to release the cold brew into your cup.

Can I make cold brew in a French Press?

Yes. The French Press is an amazing way to make cold brew coffee. Use cold water when brewing instead of hot water and let it sit in your fridge for 12-24 hours. When the coffee finishes press your plunger down and serve your cold brew.

Can I make cold brew in a Clever Dripper?

You can brew cold brew in your Clever Dripper. Use cold water instead of hot water and steep your coffee for 12-24 hours. When your coffee finishing brewing place the Clever Dripper on your cup and let the cold brew pour out.

Can I make cold brew in a Cafflano Kompact?

Yes you can! Like cold brewing in an AeroPress, a Cafflano Kompact can make cold brew in about 3 minutes. Add your coffee and cold water to the brewing chamber, and stir for 3 minutes. After that screw on the filter and press the cold brew into your cup.

Can I make cold brew in a Drip Coffee machine?

Some drip machines have cold brew capability. The Breville Precision Brewer has a setting for cold brew. You load up your filter with coffee and set the machine to cold brew. The standard cold brew setting takes 15 hours in this brewer, but you can customize that time.

Can I make cold brew in a super-automatic espresso machine?

The Jura Z10 Super-Automatic is able to brew cold brew instantly. This machine uses a coarser grind and a slower water flow. It’s functions include the ability to determine the grind needed for the beverage you request. Hot or cold drinks at your fingertips, this machine can do it all!

Can I make cold brew with brew bags?

Absolutely! Its one of the easiest methods, and makes amazing cold brew. Check out our post Making Cold Brew With Coffee Brew Bags.

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