What’s The Best Automatic Cold Brew Maker in 2023?

Cold brew is a delicious way to serve cold coffee. It mixes well with milk and sugar, and amazes as a black coffee. There’s nothing better than an iced coffee drink on a very hot day. That’s when Cold Brew can’t be beat! (For more information on cold brew, check out What is Cold Brew?)

The only downside of making cold brew is that it takes up to 24 hours to brew. If you have a craving for cold brew and don’t have any pre-made you might be out of luck. This is one of the times where the Jura Z10 super-automatic machine shines. You no longer need to wait a whole day for your delicious cold brew. You can instantly make a fresh cold brew with the touch of a button.

What is a super-automatic coffee machine?

Super-automatic means that *everything* in the coffee brewing process is completely automated. The machine has a grinder built in to perfectly grind your fresh coffee beans. You can make handcrafted espresso beverages at the press of a button. No fuss, no mess.
Our favourite super-automatic brand is Jura. Many models of Jura come with a built-in milk system. Steam and froth your milk to your exact specifications. At the touch of a button your latte pours perfectly, every time.
But it gets better. On all Jura machines, all the cleaning is also automatic. There’s no more stress over maintaining your coffee maker. Once every few months (or a set number of drinks) the Jura will prompt you to insert a cleaning tablet. It takes care of the rest.

Learn more about Jura Espresso Machines from our article Great Java One Cup at a Time.

How does automatic cold brew work?

Jura Z10 pouring a cold brewed coffee

The Jura Z10 makes cold brew in under a minute. It uses a brand new Cold Extraction Process and built-in Product Recognition Grinder. This coarsely grinds the beans, perfect for a cold brew coffee. Then the Jura Z10 pulses the grounds with cold water, brewing your cold brew. You can even program it to top your cold brew lattes with foamed milk.

What drinks can you make on a Jura Z10?

The Jura Z10 can make 32 different coffee drinks at the touch of a button. We’ve covered cold brew so far, but let’s take a look at some of the other drinks it can make for you. When you have a great machine and great coffee beans… you’re well set to take advantage of all the perks! (We couldn’t resist.)

diagram of a latte showing the milk and espresso
cappuccino diagram, with milk, foam and espresso
Flat white diagram for milk and espresso
diagram of an espresso shot

You can make regular drip coffee with the Jura Z10. The Product Recognition Grinder adjusts the grind to be coarser than espresso grind. You’ll hear it pouring hot water through the grinds. In the Jura Z10 you can also make a single serving of cold brew coffee.


Espresso is a small portion of coffee brewed extra strong under high pressure. It is the coffee base of many of your favourite drinks such as a latte, flat white, and cappuccino. In the Jura Z10 you can make cold brewed or hot espresso.

Long Shot Espresso

A long shot of espresso is twice the volume of a regular shot of espresso. It brings out different flavour notes. If you prefer your coffee on the bitter side you will love a long shot espresso.

Ristretto Espresso

Ristretto is a shorter pull of espresso, typically about 3/4 of an ounce. It has more sweet and smooth notes. This is the type of espresso used in a flat white.


A cappuccino is equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. This is a classic milk and espresso beverage. A latte is like a cappuccino, but it has more steamed milk and less milk foam. Add your favourite Monin Flavour Syrup for a sweet treat.

Flat White

A flat white has a denser, sweeter microfoam poured over ristretto espresso, and no extra milk. This makes drink that is sweet by nature, without adding any extra sweeteners.


A cortado is equal parts espresso and textured milk or cream. This is usually a smaller beverage.


A traditional macchiato has espresso topped with light milk foam. If you want a Caramel Macchiato, that’s actually a vanilla latte topped with caramel syrup.

Steamed Milk or Steamer

Plain old steamed milk in a cup. Steaming the milk stretches the sugars, so it’s sweeter than cold milk. Add some fun Monin Flavour Syrups for a great specialty drink for kids… or adults!

Hot Water

The Jura Z10 can produce hot water for tea, but it’s not all one temperature. That’s a good thing! You can also change the water temperature depending on the type of tea you are brewing. For more info on the right temperatures to brew your tea, read our Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Teas.

Two Drinks at Once

What if there are two people in your house who both want lattes? The Jura Z10 handles brewing two drinks at the same time! At the touch of a button you can brew two lattes in the same amount of time it takes to make one. That make mornings much better!
Two smiling women with mugs of coffee

In the Jura Z10 you can also make two cold drinks at once – perfect for summer mornings on the deck.

Make a Full Pot of Coffee

carafe of coffee being poured into a cup

You read that right. With the Jura Z10 you can brew a full pot of drip coffee. This means you don’t need any other brewer for times when you have coffee drinking visitors. Or have it all for yourself on Monday mornings when you need the full pot!

WiFi Connect - Right to Your Smartphone

cup of coffee and a cell phone with coffee app
Jura’s Wifi Connect comes built right into the Jura Z10. With the Wifi Connect you are able to connect your Jura Z10 to more than one smart device at once. Then you can order drinks from your smartphone or tablet. This makes it perfect for cutting down on high touch areas for office.

When you download the J.O.E Smart Connect App on an iPhone it is also Siri compatible. It’s never been easier to order your perfect drink.

Cupper's Care Program

Cupper's care program logo
When you buy any Jura from Cupper’s Coffee & Tea you receive access to our exclusive Cupper’s Care Program. This program gives you exclusive barista tips and tricks specific to your machine. Cupper’s care also gives you access to one-on-one support from our friendly coffee mavens.
As you can see the Jura Z10 is the ultimate coffee accessory to end all coffee accessories. It is the last coffee maker you will ever want or need.
Do you want to see what the Jura Z10 will look like in your own kitchen? Use Jura’s own Augmented Reality feature with your smartphone camera to find out. It’s quick and easy!
For more information on the Jura Z10, or anything else coffee or tea from our team, call us at Cupper’s at 403-380-4555.
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