Brewing the Perfect Cup of Cupper’s Coffee

We love you and want you to have the best coffee-brewing experience possible.  So let’s break it down:

1. Of course, start with freshly roasted Cupper’s Coffee. Oh yes.

2. Be sure your coffee is the right grind for your brewer. Ask our staff for guidelines. Clean your grinder often. Old oil from the coffee grinds will effect the flavours of your new cup!

3. ALWAYS use fresh, cold water.

4. Make sure your coffee brewer is clean clean clean. Again, those old oils from the coffee can mess up the flavours. We don’t want that for you.

5. Use the right amount of coffee. This is an art and science in and of itself… see below.

6. Let the coffee cool in the cup just a bit before you take your first drink. Hold the coffee in your mouth for a few seconds. Just for a few short seconds, give the flavours your full attention. You won’t be disappointed!

How much coffee should you use?
It’s one of the most common (and confusing) coffee issues: how much to use? The answer depends on:

  • what kind of brewing system you’re using
  • what your personal tastes are
  • how big your mug is
  • if the planets are lined up and the coffee gods are smiling 🙂

​We’ve come up with a guideline for you to start with… and you tweak from there.

By the way, a “scoop” is roughly a rounded tablespoon.

​As a bonus, we included some information on how to store your coffee and how long it will hold the natural goodness and flavour.

It’s how we roll.